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What is the principle of rectifying bridge pile?

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Rectifier bridge is a rectifier device consisting of 2 or 4 diodes. This bridge is mainly composed of half bridge and full bridge, and half bridge can be divided into two kinds of half bridge and negative half bridge. The pile bridge can be expressed by UR. So what is the principle of the rectification bridge pile?


The rectifier bridge is mainly composed of 4 rectifier silicon chips as bridge type connection, external insulation plastic packaging made of materials, high power rectifier bridge in the insulation layer adding zinc metal shell encapsulation, enhanced heat dissipation, the type of rectifier bridge is very much, for example, flat, round, square and plate stool, and many other kinds, the maximum rectifying current of 0 In the range of.5-100A, the highest reverse peak voltage range is within 50-1600V.


Half bridge is mainly the half of the 2 diode bridge rectifier in one block, the use of 2 half bridge to form a bridge rectifier circuit, a half bridge can form the transformer with the center of the full wave rectifying circuit, the rectifier bridge should pay attention to the rectification circuit and operating voltage, rectifier bridge often applied to the full wave rectifier circuit, the main There are two major categories: full bridge and half bridge. The full bridge is mainly composed of 4 rectifier diodes in the form of bridge type full wave rectifying circuit. There are many kinds of positive current in the whole bridge. This is the working principle of rectifying bridge pile.

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