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Apply Process

The application process of Hangzhou westerly Semiconductor Co., Ltd. includes the following key links: recruitment information release, resume screening, personnel interview, personnel recruitment, personnel entry and other key links, and the following contents are as follows:


1, recruitment information release: the company's human resources department through a unified management of recruitment channels to release personnel demand information.


2, resume screening: the Ministry of human resources, according to the job description of the post, carries out a preliminary resume screening, and recommends the qualified person to the individual department.


3. Personnel interview: the company's human resources department releases the initial notice to the screened personnel, and is responsible for the organization and implementation of the initial examination. The relevant person in charge of the employment department took part in the preliminary examination at the same time and filled in the preliminary opinions.


4. Re examination: according to the preliminary test opinion, the human resources department will organize the responsible person of the relevant system to participate in the re examination, and the head of the system will fill in the reexamination opinion.


5. Approval: the Ministry of human resources determines the specific process of personnel recruitment and approval according to the relevant provisions of the company's Hierarchical Authorization Management.


6, hiring: the Ministry of human resources is responsible for sending the employment notice, urging the candidate to send the employment receipt and confirm the specific date of entry.


7. Entry: the staff should prepare the required information at the prescribed time to report to the company's human resources department and handle the entry formalities.


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